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hello! i'm areeta and I'm an incoming 3rd year at university of california, irvine studying computer science with a minor in informatics, interested in technology, product management, and design. although born and raised in san francisco and foster city, my interest in tech didn't start until my summer at twitter with girls who code in the summer of 2016; it was the first time i ever saw, wrote, and understood code. since then, i've been jumping on opportunities to pay it forward and help computer science education be more accessible to students through organizing hackathons, hosting workshops, and leading organizations.

previously, i interned at amazon as a software development intern under their amazon future engineer program for 1st and 2nd years and spent a very fun summer at their headquarters in seattle, wa. a fun fact is that i was 20 feet away from jeff bezos at their annual prime day concert with katy perry! this summer, i was a student training in engineering program (step) intern, formerly known as engineering practicum, at google working on the google ads team.

currently, i am looking for summer 2021 and fall 2021 internships! feel free to ask me anything or reach out to me at [email protected]!


java html css figma gmail api

a full-stack web app connecting students and college organizations to battle food insecurity and food waste

built at google step 2020
github repo
search engine
python flask

a search engine built from scratch that is capable of handling 10,000+ of documents with a query response time under 300ms

built at cs 121 spring 2020
github repo
ics web crawler

a web crawler that runs through the uci cs department domains while maintaining politeness rules and checking if it is valid

built at cs 121 spring 2020
github repo
personal website
html css adobe xd

a personal website to showcase myself and act as my corner on the internet that gets 1000+ unique visitors a month

updated may 2020
github repo
android studio java firebase

a mobile app that mocks reddit threads where users can add, search, and delete messages through a database

built at ics 45j fall 2019
github repo
dream destination
python jinja html css yelp api

a travel web app where users submit a form and get matched with a vacation spot along with food, lodging, and activities reccs

built at cssi mtv 2018
github repo


languages/frameworks: python, java, html, css, javascript, sql, bootstrap, and junit

concepts: object-oriented programming, git collaboration, unit testing, wireframing, and prototyping

tools: git, figma, trello, google cloud platform, google drive, microsoft office (word, excel, and powerpoint), and canva

ides: pycharm, visual studio code, ellipse, intellij, and android studio

other: leadership, organization, sponsorship, community outreach, public speaking, and teaching

currently dabbling with: react and swift

hobbies + interests

pic of la trip video on youtube

i love capturing memories and looking back on them

pic of taiwan shifen

i love going on adventures with family and friends

pic of sushi boat

i love eating foods from a variety of cultures

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